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Inline cleaning system technology
The manufacturers of cleaning systems constantly have to offer more complex solutions to meet the increasing quality standards of components. WK Systemtechnik develops and manufactures new aqueous inline cleaning systems which can be adjusted individually to your production sequence and your product/ product family.

Closed cleaning cycles
The aqueous inline cleaning technology is used in efficient manufacturing processes as intermediate cleaning for the preparation of QC-inspections or for the preparation of assembly work and before automatic welding processes.
Further areas of use of the aqueous cleaning technology are the preparation for bonding, painting and coating. Another core task of the aqueous cleaning technique is the removal of particulate contamination with high pressure for deburring.

Environmentally friendly procedure through cleaning with water
Over the last years the aqueous cleaning technology has asserted itself in the field of cleaning of industrial parts as the most frequently used procedure.
The system technology also has to be able to react flexibly to various challenges such as the highly complex component geometry as well as the increasing quality-, functional- and cleanliness-requirements. Moreover, it is a decisive advantage to use the harmless cleaning medium water instead of various solvents. Furthermore, this procedure only costs a fraction which makes the system technology comparatively cheap.

Our know-how - your advantage
• An energy-efficient and environmentally friendly technology
• A new treatment chamber technology
• A well thought-out concept of the medium circuit without hidden nests of dirt
• A particle filtration without bypass including electronic differential pressure monitoring
• An integrated oil separator with emulsion breaker
• An easily maintainable construction of the system
• A robust mechanical engineering; made out of stainless steel
• A reduced noise level
• A safe and user-friendly operation

Thanks to the newly developed generation of aqueous cleaning systems WK Systemtechnik offers a complete technology for continuous products as well as for individual parts according to the increasing requirements of the VDA 19 respectively the ISO 16232. Because of the pressure from rising costs the automation of manufacturing processes is constantly increasing. As a result, the cycle time is minimized. The components have to be cleaned inline, directly in the flow of production to be able to fulfill the quality standards, to close the quality control loop and to take direct measures in case there are any variations in quality.

a new dimension of cleaning
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