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Control via network interfaces
Our systems can be integrated into your production control via industrial standard interfaces such as Ethernet, Profinet, Profibus or Ethercat. 

Control panel for WS-line
Single cleaning components can be individually added or switched off via a menu-driven control panel.

An easily understandable menu navigation for our exclusive pictograms is guaranteed. All the menus are available in multiple languages. The complete menu navigation is made via a touchscreen display.

Control panel for WS-line
The operation is via the arranged function keys or via the touchscreen display.

Input screen for LS-line
Our lubrication systems can be controlled via an input screen which is firmly anchored to the system. All the functions of our systems are controllable via a touchscreen.

Remote control for LS-line
All the aggregates of the Open Lubrication Systems (OLS) and the Closed Lubrication Systems (CLS) are equipped with a remote control or an interface. All the coating processes can be individually adjusted via these input devices. 

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