EWS-Enless Washing Systeme - WK-Sytemtechnik-GmbH-CoKG-englisch

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EWS-Endless Washing Systeme
Because of the modular construction different cleaning processes can be combined and realized. Therefore, we are able to fulfill any kind of cleaning requirements in an economic way - it doesn't matter whether you are from the automotive-, the electronics-, the consumer-lifestyle- or the watch- industry.

Technical data EWS 100
• Dimensions (one-module) 1530mm x 1400mm x 2300 (w x d x h)
• New cleaning chamber technology
• Oil separator by means of emulsion breaker
• Extractor with condensate separator
• Automatic adaptation to the production speed
• Operation via mobile panel interfaces such as Ethernet/ Profinet/ Profibus/ Interbus
Wxample: EWS 100 obe-module (100mm)
a new dimension of lubrication
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