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Industrielle Anwendungsbereiche

Radial and linear command technology
In the radial and linear command technology the selection processes of the part washing systems (PWS) are designed as single-level or multi-level aqueous continuous cleaning depending on the quality requirements of the component. The components can be positioned, cleaned and dried as loose pieces on conveyor units or with the help of fully or partially automated handling systems as single components

Thanks to our long-time experience in the application technology the individual components of the fine mechanics/ watch-industry are freed from chips and machining residues with the help of endless washing systems (EWS) or part washing systems (PWS) by correct application of the selection modules. 

Automotive industry
Our part washing systems (PWS) work effectively in the engine and transmission production. The components to be cleaned are fed into the cleaning system via a component-saving handling system. Cleaning steps which are perfectly phased to each other in a quantitative and qualitative way help to lower the costs for the cleaning of the components.

Electronics industry 
In the production of high quantities our endless washing systems have proved successfully.
The distinguishing characteristic of our systems and procedures is the individual regulation of the throughput speed which guarantees a residue-free cleaning.

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