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Unser Team
Unser Team
We are WK Systemtechnik GmbH & Co. KG!

Our motivated employees act as a professional and respectful team. Our customers profit from the long-time experience and the constant willingness of our employees to innovate.
All our friendly and reliable employees deserve our praise and recognition. Each employee plays an important role in our company.

Calling Members


Herbert Winter

Phone:  +49 8553 978280-0
E-Mail:  h.winter(at)wk-systemtechnik.com


Marco Köck

Phone:  +49 8553 978280-20
E-Mail:   m.koeck(at)wk-systemtechnik.com

Production Management:

Thomas Stadler

Phone:  +49 8553 978280-40
E-Mail:   t.stadler(at)wk-systemtechnik.com

Mechanical design:

Andreas Winter

Phone:  +49 8553 978280-30
E-Mail:   a.winter(at)wk-systemtechnik.com

Electric and software development:

Michael Müller

Phone:  +49 8553 978280-50
E-Mail:   m.mueller(at)wk-systemtechnik.com


Sandra Stadler

Phone:  +49 8553 978280-42
E-Mail:   s.stadler(at)wk-systemtechnik.com

Internal sales / work preparation:

Sonja Winter

Phone: +49 8553 978280-41
E-Mail:  s.winter(at)wk-systemtechnik.com

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