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Picto Sprühkammer mit Absaugung
Sprühkammer mit Absaugung
The spraying-systems of the CLS family are used in combination with a spray chamber with vacuum suction for highly precise metering tasks. The application of the medium takes place in a closed spray chamber in which there is a homogenous oil mist. The product to be coated is moved with a constant speed in the spray chamber. Hereby, part of the oil mist adheres to the product, the rest is sucked off, purified and returned to the process. The homogenous oil mist is produced by two substance nozzles which are supplied with spray air and forming lubricant. All the process parameters such as spray air pressure, flow, tank level and vacuum of the aspiration are constantly monitored.

  • Economically and ecologically efficient technology, reduction of the media up to 70%
  • Reproducible application through intelligent control and interfaces
  • Integration into production lines
  • Maintenance friendly construction
  • Multiple circuit system, cleaning cycles, double suction
Sprühkammer mit Absaugung
Picture: Closed spray chamber with suction device
a new dimension of lubrication
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