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Picto Sprühkammer ohne Absaugung
Sprühkammer ohne Absaugung
Used as a non-contact spraying-system the OLS minimum quantity system with the high-precision gear metering technique is combined with a closed spraying chamber. Here two substance nozzles which are integrated into a spray chamber are supplied with forming lubricant and spray air. All the process parameters such as spray air pressure, flow, tank level etc. are constantly monitored. If there is a disruption, the unit stops.

  • Closed system
  • Uniform coating
  • Width of the strip up to 500mmx560mmx1283mm
  • Exact dosing via gear metering technique
  • Viscosity up to 60mm²/s at 20°C, oil may not resinate
  • Oil change and cleaning function

Geschlossene Sprühkammer ohne Absaugung
Picture: Closed spray chamber without suction device
a new dimension of lubrication
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